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15 Best Green Neon Aesthetic Ideas

Explaining the best green neon aesthetic ideas to add some luminous excitement to your decor or event, through the use of neon LED lighting, wall decor & signs

Neon Aesthetic Lighting Guide – Create it Yourself

The neon aesthetic will transform a space with its radiant luminous glow. Explaining types of neon aesthetic, colors and how to achieve it for yourself.

15 Best Electric Blue Neon Blue Aesthetic Ideas

Explaining the best electric blue neon blue aesthetic ideas to add some luminous excitement to your decor or event, through the use of neon LED lighting & signs

Create Baddie Aesthetic Rooms with LED Lights

Tips on creating badass baddie aesthetic room with LED lights. From choosing the right colors to adding features, with product choices we will cover it all.

Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights: 21 Easy Ideas

Pro tips & ideas on creating aesthetic rooms with LED lights, harness the power of LED lighting with our design ideas with recommended products.

11 Best LED Lights For a Room in 2022

Maximise the potential of your home’s interior with the best LED lights for a room today, our modern practical guide with pro choices for easy install and use.

Dimmable LED Flash : 20 Solution Tips

20 Tips to Solve Dimmable LED Flash. Why do dimmable lights flicker with our extensive but quick tips to investigate why your dimmable LED flash.

10 Most Common Problems with LED Lighting & How to Fix Them

The common problems with LED lighting are simply discussed by a lighting professional and wherever possible easy solutions suggested. LED problems resolved!

What is Dimming? Methods for Dimming LED Lights

What is dimming? A comprehensive easy to understand guide to LED dimming methods for successful modern lighting solutions, explaining types of dimming LED today

How to Dim Lights: 7 Steps to Perfect LED Dimming

The essentials of how to to dim lights from our guide sets you up for how to dim LED lights successfully without flicker and disappointment. LED Dimming 101.

What is a PIR Sensor

A PIR sensor is often seen in lighting but why? Explore what PIR means, how it works, how to choose it and when you should use it within your lighting choices.

Why Do LED Lights Flicker?

Examining common causes of why do my led lights flicker with possible quick remedies to stop your LED lights flashing. DIY fixes with fault checklist to assist.

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