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How to Reduce Glare from LED Downlights

Downlighting is such a useful and effective source of light that the downlighter has been adopted into most interiors. However, […]

10 Quick & Easy Steps to Choosing the Best LED Downlight

10 quick to read, easy to understand fundamental ingredients to consider when choosing the best LED downlight for your project. Pro advice for DIY downlighting.

Tips on Choosing Beam Angles for Better Lighting

Transform your interior by following our tips on choosing beam widths from your lights; you can achieve better lighting design for a professionally lit space.

Smart Lighting: What To Know Before You Buy

Our Smart Lighting guide from a lighting design professional. Learn where to start to match your needs & be inspired to create great lighting.

Best Home Office Lighting: 15 Pro Tips to Work From Home

Upgrade your home office by following these 15 effective pro lighting design tips for the best light to work in and video call from home

Best Zoom Call Lighting Tips to Look Great From Home

Transform your Zoom meetings by lighting your face and background with our easy to follow pro lighting tips for better video calls from Home.

Alternatives to Downlighters – What to Use Instead of a Downlight

Looking for an alternative to using downlights in your home? Find inspiration from our clever substitutions to using a downlighter.

Color Rendering Index 101: Let CRI Make Your Home Look Great

An easy to understand quick guide to CRI. Let Lighting’s Color Rendering Index Bring Out the Best In Your Interior’s Colors.

The Best 5 Ways to Light Artwork & Pictures on a Wall

Quickly benefit from a lighting designer’s recommendations on the best 5 ways to light your pictures and wall hung artwork in your home.

The Best Artwork & Picture Lighting in 2021: Buying Guide & Reviews

A lighting designers buying guide to choosing the best lighting for artwork & pictures in your home.

Ultimate Guide On How to Light Artwork & Pictures in Your Home

Light artwork well and the entire space they are in will benefit. Learn from a lighting designer’s guide on how to light artwork & pictures in your home.

Best Downlights in 2021: Buying Guide & Reviews

Looking for the best downlight for your project? Make the right choices with our full buying guide & reviews of the top rated LED Downlights to suit all budgets

How to Use Recessed Downlights

Where to use a downlight and how to use a downlight are fundamental to well lit interiors and great design. Avoid unwittingly robbing your rooms full potential with informed advice.

How Far Apart Do You Put LED Downlights?

Our easy to follow guide to estimate how many downlights to use in a room and adjust how far apart they should be.

The Best Recessed Lighting For a Kitchen

Let us do the hard work and discover what type of recessed lights work best in a kitchen, from the downlight to wall and in ground floor up lighting.

Tips on Choosing the Right Lighting For Your Home

Lighting plays a key role to successful interior design and coordinating the lighting with the interior is challenging. Learn from our tips on choosing lighting styles and sizes.

How To Coordinate Kitchen Lights

Coordinating kitchen lighting with the space and cabinetry is demanding but a great opportunity that must not be missed. Learn how from our lighting selection tips.

How to Choose LED Colour Temperatures

A design guide to improve every lighting choice you make by knowing how to choose the right tone of white light.

How to Layer with Light

Take a few moments to understand the fundamental principle of layering with light and revolutionise your interior lighting choices.

Track Lighting Tips & Ideas for Kitchens

Track lighting is both a hard working and decorative lighting solution for any kitchen. Learn from our experience and be inspired for your own project.

12 Top Kitchen Lighting Tips

Planning on some changes to your kitchen, start here with our essential selection of professional kitchen lighting design tips and ideas.

Best Kitchen Lighting in 2021: Buying Guide & Reviews

Your lighting choices need to look great and deliver the light you need. Beat the overwhelm of choice with our guide and best product.

A Kitchen Lighting Design Guide (Step by Step)

Ever wondered how a lighting designer would approach your project? Follow these simple yet sophisticated design decisions for a professional solution.

How to Light a Kitchen

Looking for some kitchen lighting design tips? Learn from our quick & easy guide from a lighting designer to show you where to begin.