How to Choose

Learn how to choose your own lighting and make your own design decisions with our comprehensive online lighting design guides.

800 Lumens to Watts Conversion

Convert 800 lumens to watts with this calculation according to efficacy, with example watts for popular 800 lmLED products & the benchmark tungsten equivalent

Lumens Chart for Light Bulb Conversion

As lumens are now the accurate measurement for light bulb brightness, this lumens chart compares bulb types with their watts vs lumens for quick selection

Lumens vs Footcandles : What’s the Difference?

Looking at a common photometric comparison of lumens with footcandles, light output vs illuminance, see the difference and relationship between the two.

15 Best Red Neon Aesthetic Ideas

Be inspired by the best red neon aesthetic ideas to add some luminous excitement to your decor or event, through the use of modern neon LED lights.

4000K vs 5000K : What’s the Difference?

A comparison between 4000K vs 5000K, which color of white light is best for you? Full explanation and pro tips to choose the correct LED color temperature.

15 Best Purple Neon Aesthetic Ideas

Discover the best purple neon aesthetic ideas to add some luminous excitement to your decor or event, through the use of neon LED lighting, wall decor & signs

15 Best Green Neon Aesthetic Ideas

Explaining the best green neon aesthetic ideas to add some luminous excitement to your decor or event, through the use of neon LED lighting, wall decor & signs

15 Best Electric Blue Neon Blue Aesthetic Ideas

Explaining the best electric blue neon blue aesthetic ideas to add some luminous excitement to your decor or event, through the use of neon LED lighting & signs

Create Baddie Aesthetic Rooms with LED Lights

Tips on creating badass baddie aesthetic room with LED lights. From choosing the right colors to adding features, with product choices we will cover it all.

Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights: 21 Easy Ideas

Pro tips & ideas on creating aesthetic rooms with LED lights, harness the power of LED lighting with our design ideas with recommended products.

11 Best LED Lights For a Room in 2022

Maximise the potential of your home’s interior with the best LED lights for a room today, our modern practical guide with pro choices for easy install and use.

Best LED Light Color for Sleep – Prepare Your Body for Rest

The color of light we are exposed to directly affects our body, so it’s important to carefully select the best color light for sleep. We reveal the best choices

How Many Lumens is Good for a Flashlight

A lighting pro guide to how many lumens is good for a flashlight, associating brightness categories with potential suitable applications for each type.

How Many Lumens is Good for a Projector

To determine how many lumens are good for a projector we explain key factors of ANSI lumen brightness, projection distance, image size, lighting, and colour.

LED Light Colors for Different Moods

Different LED light colors have a big impact on how we feel and on the spaces around us. Explaining the best LED light colors to use to create different moods.

Dim to Warm LED: A Quick & Easy Buying Guide

Explaining Dim to Warm LED with a quick & easy buying guide for dim to warm lighting products for residential and commercial spaces.

Best Floor Lamps for Bright Light: A Buyers Guide

Buying guide for the best floor lamps for bright light, chosen and explained focusing on where to use them for the brightest floor light solutions.

Best Lighting for Vaulted Ceilings in 2022: Buyers Guide

Guide tips and choices for the best lighting for vaulted ceilings to suit architectural constraints, deliver light where it’s needed to create beautiful spaces

How Bright is 3000 Lumens? Your Lumens Brightness Guide

How bright is 3000 lumens? Learn where best to use this level in the home & outdoors, how much area it covers with example products & watts vs lumens guide.

How to Dim LED Lights: 7 Steps to Perfect Dimming

The essentials of how to to dim lights from our guide sets you up for how to dim LED lights successfully without flicker and disappointment. LED Dimming 101.

How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

Knowing how to choose bathroom lighting will ensure your space has a perfect light for all occasions from the best fixtures that meet regulations & expectations

Best Cordless Picture Light: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Cordless picture lights open the possibility of conveniently lighting any artwork to upgrade the lighting in your home. Full buying guide & top choice reviews.

Warm White vs. Soft White: What is the Difference?

Explaining the difference between soft white and warm white light bulbs – how to tell which is which with LED buying guide and lighting tips for your home

Warm White vs Cool White: Choosing the Right Light

Warm white vs cool white light comparisons, how to know the difference, what to buy and where to use these color temperature choices around the home.

Best LED Light Colors for Different Situations

Reference the best LED light colors to create the perfect mood for different situations around the home, with the best LED color to use in the important rooms

12v vs 24v Solar System: Which Is Better?

Helping you choose whether a 12v or 24v system is better for your home, space or appliance. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

Types of Skylights for Flat Roofs: How to Choose.

Helping you choose the best type of skylight for your space. What type of skylight is best? Glass or Plastic/Acrylic?

Choosing the Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather

How to choose the best light bulbs for use outdoors in extreme cold weather? Key attributes for best outdoor led light bulbs for winter with reviews and guide

Best Black Light Bulbs 2022: Buying Guide & Reviews

What is black light & the best black lights to buy for incredible UV light affects. Is black light LED the same as UV Pros and Cons with buying guide & reviews

Best Reading Light for Bed 2022: Buying Guide & Reviews

The Best Reading Light for Bed is a task light with the correct illumination without being too white to disturb your sleep. Reviews with key considerations

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