How to Light

Learn how to make your own lighting choices and design decisions with our comprehensive online lighting design guides.

Neon Aesthetic Lighting Guide – Create it Yourself

The neon aesthetic will transform a space with its radiant luminous glow. Explaining types of neon aesthetic, colors and how to achieve it for yourself.

How to Dim LED Strip Lights

Easily learning how to dim LED strip lights with 2 commonly used methods for smooth flicker free LED Strip dimming. Step by step guide on how to dim LED Strips

How to Dim Lights Without a Dimmer?

Knowing how to dim lights without a dimmer & how to dim LED lights without a dimmer, opens any lighting circuit up to be set to glare free comfortable lighting

Bathroom Recessed Lighting Placement Tips & Layout Ideas

Tips & Ideas for bathroom recessed lighting placement for best bathroom downlight positions, sizes with downlight spacing calculator and design layout examples

Task Lighting: How to Create Better Functionality and Design

Learn how task lighting creates specific well lit areas of activity in the home, how to create it, where to place it, how to choose it with examples and tips.

Accent Lighting: How to Create a More Beautiful Space

Learn how accent lighting creates small areas of lit interest that when combined & balanced with other lighting layers will create a relaxing & inviting space.

Ambient Light – How to Create It in Your Home

Ambient lighting plays an important role in the successful general ambient light levels in a room. Learn how what it is and how to create it for yourself.

How to Make Your Solar Lights Brighter: 7 Easy Tips

Why are my solar lights dim & solar lights not bright enough? Learn how to boost solar lights & how to make landscape lights brighter with our Quick & Easy Tips

How Many Lumens per Square Foot For a Workshop?

Explaining practical tips on how to achieve recommended lumens per square foot for a workshop or garage with modern pro LED buying guide considerations.

2700K vs 3000K : What’s the Difference?

Explaining what the difference between 2700K and 3000K in terms of color temperature. Which do you use in what situation?

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

Getting just the right amount of light in a room is critical for success lighting, so calculate how many lumens you need to light your room with confidence.

Laundry Room Lighting Ideas: How to Light a Utility Room.

Explaining how to light a laundry room. How bright should a laundry room be? Here are our top utility/launry room lighting ideas!

8 Common Lighting Mistakes To Avoid 2022

Helping you discover all the common lighting mistakes to avoid. What shouldnt do do when lighting a room? How to properly light a room.

35 Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Space with Style

Great ideas for choosing dining room light fixtures for a multi purpose interior, transforming from a bright functional space to atmospheric intimate dining.

How Many Lumens Do I Need For Outdoor Lighting?

Our easy guide to understanding how many lumens of light are required for common outdoor areas & what the lumen outputs are for their popular lighting choices

Types of Skylights for Flat Roofs: How to Choose.

Helping you choose the best type of skylight for your space. What type of skylight is best? Glass or Plastic/Acrylic?

How Many Lumens Do I Need? A Room by Room Lighting Guide

A room by room guide to how many lumens do I need to properly light each space? Explaining how much lighting and the types of light you need to light a room.

Rocker Switch vs Toggle Switch: Which Should You Use?

Let us help you find the differences between rocker switch vs toggle switch. What are the advantages and disadvantages and which to choose?

How to Dim Your Bathroom Downlights

Let us teach you how to dim your bathroom downlights. What are the benefits? Are they easy to install and how do you install dimmable lighting?

What is The Best Beam Angle For Downlights? Calculating Beam Angle.

Helping you discover what is the best beam angle for downlights. What are the different beam angles and what does beam angle even mean?

How To Choose Entryway Lighting: Foyer Lights Buying Guide.

Explaining how to choose entryway/foyer lighting. What are the best lights for a entryway? What are the best bulbs? Let us help you!

How To Install Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting

Want to find out how to choose & install hardwired under cabinet lighting? Why isn’t your under cabinet lighting working? Installation & Buying Guide.

Best Lighting for Makeup

Explaining what is the best lighting for makeup with a quick guide to the best makeup lighting colors, types, positions and products.

How To Waterproof Outdoor Lights & Christmas Lighting.

Let us explain to you how to waterproof outdoor lights and how to install christmas lights outdoors safely and properly.

How to Install Drop Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

Explaining how to install drop ceiling lighting fixtures including recessed & fluorescent as well as the best LED lighting fixtures for suspended ceilings.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Halogen Light Bulbs In Lighting Fixtures For Filming?

Are you wondering what are the benefits of using halogen light bulbs in lighting fixtures for filming? Tutorial on film lighting and halogen bulbs.

How To Install LED Shower Head: How to Choose & Install

Explaining how to install LED shower head. How do you choose and install LED shower heads and color changing rain shower heads.

How To Hang a Chandelier Without Wiring: Your Installation Guide

Explaining step by step how to hang a chandelier without wiring as well as the best placecs to hang wireless light fixtures and how to install them.

How to Light Up Acrylic With LED: Installation Guide

Wanna know how to light up acrylic with led? Whats the best acrylic sheet or LED strip to buy? How does it work?

How to Wire LED Light Bar Without Relay: Installation Guide.

Do you want to know how to wire led light bar without relay? Should you use a relay for LED Light Bar? Let us help your wire your light bar!

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