Solar Lighting Ideas

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8 Top Tips on Using Solar Lighting at Home

Maximise the potential of your solar lights and troubleshoot problems with our tips and guide to using solar lighting around your home and garden.

The Best Solar Lights in 2022: Guide & Reviews

Modern solar lighting lasts longer & are brighter than ever before. Run your lighting for free with little to no installation costs from our best buy selection.

How to Make Your Solar Lights Brighter: 7 Easy Tips

Why are my solar lights dim & solar lights not bright enough? Learn how to boost solar lights & how to make landscape lights brighter with our Quick & Easy Tips

How Long Do Solar Lights Last

Solar lights are incredible but how long will they last each evening before turning off and just how long will they last until you need to replace them?

Best Solar Pool Lights in 2022

Our best solar pool lights selection from our top rated solar lights together with important considerations you need to know before buying and installing.

Are Solar Lights Safe for Over a Pool?

Solar lighting is naturally designed for outdoor use but how waterproof can they be and are they safe to use in and around your pool? Let’s take a look.

Can Solar Lights Use Regular Batteries?

As an alternative solar lighting can be used under regular battery power temporarily, but before you do there are important considerations and consequences.

Why Do My Solar Lights Come On During The Day?

Quickly answer why do my solar lights come on during the day with our helpful tips to fixes the common potential problems.

10 Best Solar Step Lights in 2022

The best solar step lights are not always the most expensive so we’ve compiled the best 10 solar step lights that will help you find the right one for your home

L.A.NOVA Solar Festoon Lights Review

Solar Outdoor String Lights with 20 Warm White filament LED Bulbs & G55 Globe Light bulbs on 8.2m extendable strings to light up your garden or party!

Best Solar Driveway Lights in 2022: Buying Guide & Reviews

Professionally chosen & reviewed solar driveway lights to illuminate your drive & transform a front yard.

10 Best Solar Dusk to Dawn Lights in 2022

Dawn to dusk controlled solar lights are now efficient & powerful light sources. A rare list of recommendations and Buying Guides from lighting professionals.

How to Clean Solar Lights

Follow our quick tips on cleaning solar lighting and panels to extend their life and restore optimal performance to your garden lighting.

How Do Solar Lights Work

Learn how do solar lights work best through the harvesting of light through a photovoltaic panel & troubleshoot why your solar lighting isn’t working properly.

How To Charge Solar Lights Without Sun

Learn how to charge solar lighting without direct sunlight, on cloudy days, in winter on short days and even indoors! Effective Tips for solar charging.

Solar Wall Lights for Outdoors: The Best in 2022

This year is a big one for solar-powered lighting. There are many types to consider & we review 10 that have great best features. Pro buying advice & tips.