Recessed Lighting Ideas

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How to Use Recessed Downlights Effectively

Where to use a downlight and how to use a downlight are fundamental to well lit interiors and great design. Avoid unwittingly robbing your rooms full potential with informed advice.


The Best Downlights in 2022: What Are The Best Downlighters?

Looking for the best downlight for your project? Make the right choices with our full buying guide & reviews of the top rated LED Downlights to suit all budgets

How to Tell if Recessed Lighting is IC Rated

What is IC rated lighting and how does it differ from non ic rated lights? We show you how to tell if recessed lighting is ic rated and why. Quick guide.

Can Light Alternatives – Ideas For Recessed Light Alternatives

Lots of useful can light alternatives and recessed light alternatives, to bring out the best in your room without the need to recess lighting into your ceiling.

How Far Should Recessed Lights Be From Cabinets

See how far apart and how close recessed lighting needs to be from cabinets to ensure an even wash of light that isn’t too bright or creating unsightly shadows

How to Reduce Glare from LED Downlights

Reduce glare from a Downlight: understand why LED downlighters feel too bright, use anti glare downlighters, position carefully with tips & buying guide.

10 Tips to Choosing the Best LED Downlight

10 quick to read, easy to understand fundamental ingredients to consider when choosing the best LED downlight for your project. Pro advice for DIY downlighting.

Alternatives to Downlighters – What to Use Instead of a Downlight

Looking for an alternative to using downlights in your home? Find inspiration from our clever substitutions to using a downlighter.

How Far Apart Do You Put LED Downlights?

Our easy to follow guide to estimate how many downlights to use in a room and adjust how far apart they should be.

The Best Recessed Lighting For a Kitchen

Let us do the hard work and discover what type of recessed lights work best in a kitchen, from the downlight to wall and in ground floor up lighting.