Alternatives to Downlighters – What to Use Instead of a Downlight

Downlighters have become indispensable within interior design; they are a powerful versatile discrete source of light and easily installed. However, there has been an over reliance on the downlight as the easy option, too commonly spoiling interiors with their overuse and overlighting.

An alternative to downlights is sometimes the better option easily missed for the sake of convenience. So what alternatives can you turn to as a substitute or if you cannot accommodate recessed lighting?

Quickly benefit from our alternative solutions to the downlighter for all the important areas of the home.

Ultimate Guide on How to Use Recessed Downlights for our in depth guide on using downlighters within a home, as you are bound to need to use them somewhere despite all these great substitute ideas!

Table of Contents

Downlight Substitutions in the Home

There are a host of lighting solutions that can be considered as alternatives to using downlights. We argue that you should not always turn to the downlighter as the main source of light as all good lighting designs will mix lighting techniques and lighting sources, so challenge yourself with these substitutions and learn what to use instead of downlights.  

Alternative to Recessed Downlights on Solid Ceilings

Alternative to a Downlighter For a Low Glare Light Source

Alternatives to Downlights to Create Ambient General Lighting

Alternative to Downlights in a Living Room

Alternative to Ceiling Spotlights in a Kitchen

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Alternative to a Downlighter to Create a Focal Point to a Room

Bedhead as focal point to a hotel bedroom with hidden LED strip uplighting the alcove and LED reading lighting onto the cushions

Alternative to Downlights in a Corridor

Alternative to a Downlighter to Create Task Lighting

Alternative to Downlights in a Shower 

Alternative to Downlight Shower
LED Strip reflecting light off of the ceiling in a shower

Alternative to Downlights for a Home Office

Alternative to a Downlighter to Create Accent Lighting.

Alternative to Downlighters in a Wet Room

Alternative to a Downlighter to Light Artwork

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