Best LED Light Colors for Different Situations

LED lights have a lot of benefits that go beyond energy efficiency and low cost running. They can be used in almost any situation around the home but it’s ability to offer a variety of different colors to choose from, that can unlock a deeper response from within us.

We look at the best LED light colors for different situations so you know which one is best-suited for what room. You’ll also learn how color psychology affects mood, what LED light colors mean and what effects specific colors can have on your well being.


Color Psychology

Chromotherapy is a form of alternative medicine that makes use of color to heal the human body.

It’s based on the idea that different colors evoke certain emotions, thoughts and physical responses in people. For example red is said to increase your heart rate while blue can lower it. This therapy has been around for centuries but modern research suggests there might be something in this theory after all.

Modern research into our circadian responses to light have brought the use of light color in interior design to new heights.

How Does Color Affect Mood?

Colors are scientifically proven to have an effect on our brains, but how does it work?

The answer lies within the hypothalamus, which is a pea-size gland in your brain. This area of the brain is responsible for controlling things like hunger and tiredness by releasing hormones that affect you physically. It also has another function, which is to control your mood.

In previous studies, researchers have found that when you’re exposed to a certain color light for about 20 minutes it can affect how you feel and even the decisions you make in life! This effect does not only take place while we are awake but also has an influence on our sleeping patterns.

This is also true when it comes to sleeping and waking up because this area of the brain produces a hormone called Melatonin that regulates your sleep cycle, which can be affected by light exposure at night.

How to Use Led Smart Lighting Colors to Control Your Mood

When it comes to interior decorating, LED smart lighting is a powerful tool that can be used to evoke moods and feelings from within you. It’s incredible that you can now ask what color should my led lights be.

Whether you’re trying to relax at the end of a hectic day or have just got home after a long journey and need some alone time – color plays an important part in how we feel and what color should I put my LED lights on.

Out of the approximate 10 million colors the human eye can see, here are the best LED light colors for different locations and situations so you can get the most out of your smart lighting system.

Best LED Light Color For Kitchen

The best LED light color for a kitchen is white, which is probably one of the most popular choices when it comes to LED light colors.

White has a calming effect and makes people feel more relaxed. This color can make any room in your home look bigger than it actually is so if you’re working on de-cluttering the kitchen this may be an effective way of making everything seem less cluttered.

This may seem obvious, but did you know that there are variations of the color of white?

A warm white of 2700K is a flattering color that gives off a soft glow and is perfect for kitchens.

A cool white of 4000K also works well in this room, giving it more of an airy feel which can help to counter the feeling you get from being indoors most of the day.

If you want your kitchen to be seen as relaxing then choose between a warm or a cool white LED light color to suit the mood you’re trying for.

A kitchen may be the one room in your home that requires different lighting at night than it does during the day so having smart lights with adjustable colors is perfect.

Best Light Bulb Color For Bathroom

For the best light color for a bathroom, white is again a popular choice because of its calming effect.

A warm white color can also bring out the best in your skin tone so compliments any makeup you may be wearing and makes teeth look whiter than they actually are. This light color works well in nearly every room in the home from the bathroom to the bedroom.

A cool white light, on the other hand, can make a room feel modern and contemporary which is great if you want your space to look stylish and zen at the same time.

If you have makeup that requires a warm or cool tone then it’s best to avoid LED lights with fixed colors in the bathroom.

Some smart LED lights come with color temperature settings so you can choose between warm 2700K or cool 4000K to get the right effect for your space.

If you want a more intense light in this room then white is best but if you’re looking for something softer and more relaxing, opt for warmer yellow tones instead.

Best LED Light Color For Cleaning

The best LED light for cleaning will be the brightest most blue enriched white light possible, a very cool white light. Choose a 4000K to 5500K color temperature for a fresh bright environment that helps with task lighting.

Best Light Color For Bedroom

The best light color for a bedroom is red, which works well because most people sleep better when they’re surrounded by this color.

As with the bathroom, having LED lights with adjustable colors is great so you can change it to your mood or have different settings throughout the night.

Red has been shown to increase heart rate and make us feel more alive so is best used sparingly. Red is easier on the eye as it’s wavelength is weaker than most other colors compared to the same intensity of light.

It may be a popular color for bedrooms but it’s worth noting that some people don’t respond well to red and find the light too intense, in which case yellow or orange would be better choices.

As with any smart lighting system, if you’re wanting an intense level of brightness then white may be best but if you want to set the mood for sleep then opt for a warm color instead.

Best LED Light Colors For Studying

When it comes to studying, the best LED light color is white because this has been proven to increase productivity. If you want to kickstart your brain and prevent yourself from getting tired, however, then a cool white LED light color will keep you on task for longer and help with concentration and focus.

White light is actually a mixture of red green and blue light and the cooler the white color the more it is enriched with a hidden blue light. Blue light is proven to supress melatonin, the hormone that is naturally released as the day progresses.

If you want to study in the evening and still get a good nights sleep, then a warm white color is best.

Best LED Light Colors to Fall Asleep To

The best LED light color for falling asleep to is yellow or orange because they create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Studies show that the presence of red and green wavelengths in warm colors such as these can help us feel more at ease so why not take advantage?

Having different settings on your smart lights means you can have them automatically switch off to help you drift off to sleep and the best LED light color for this is warm white or amber.

If you have a room dedicated to studying then white is best but if it’s also used for other purposes, like watching TV or reading before bed, opt for an LED lighting system with adjustable colors instead so can control the intensity of the lights depending on what you’re doing at that time.

Best LED Light Colors

The best color for led lights will be chosen to suit each situation. When you ask what color should I put my LED lights on refer here to choose the best colors for led lights, as we look at what do the colors of LED lights mean?

Blue Light

The color blue has been scientifically proven to be the best one to use when you want to feel energized and productive.

It’s been found that blue light has a stimulating effect on your brain so it can help improve both your physical state as well as increase alertness in work-related tasks such as studying or working at home. This is because this color tends to suppress melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleeping cycle.

Blue light can also affect your eating habits because it makes you feel more awake and aware so you tend to avoid consuming high-calorie food during this time of day.

Yellow Light

On the other hand yellow is said to be great for creating a calm environment suitable for relaxing or resting.

This color is said to increase serotonin, which can create a calming effect on the body and mind because it has been scientifically proven that this hormone makes people feel happy when they are exposed to it for long periods of time.

Yellow’s ability to block out blue light also helps fight against insomnia by keeping you relaxed and calm at night which will allow you to fall asleep more easily.

Orange Light

The color orange has a slightly different effect on the body because it stimulates people and makes them feel warm and cozy inside but without having as much of an energizing effect like blue light does. This is why its perfect for creating a comforting environment that’s ideal for relaxing or spending time with loved ones.

Red Light

Red makes us feel more active and ready for action because it increases our breathing rate, heart rate as well as stimulates the brain to release hormones that give us a feeling of excitement or arousal! This is why its best used in rooms where you’re expected to do something physical like exercising at home or getting out of your seat to do some work.

Purple Light

The color purple has a sedating effect so it’s best used for creating an environment that is ideal for sleeping or meditating because it helps the body relax and calm down, which will help you feel more relaxed when its time to sleep at night. This is why this color is very useful for creating a relaxing environment in the bedroom.

Green Light

Green is said to be the best LED lighting color for increasing your productivity. This is because it’s scientifically proven that having more green light in your surrounding environment can help you feel calmer and less stressed or anxious which will allow you to concentrate more easily on work related tasks!

Warm White Light

If you want a soft light that’s going to create a comforting and relaxing environment without being too distracting then warm white light is best. This color has the perfect balance of red, orange and yellow so it creates an atmosphere that will help you relax or fall asleep at night but won’t keep you awake because it doesn’t have as much energy stimulating effects like blue light does!

The Color Rendering of light also plays an important role in getting your lighting right.

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