Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps: Should You Buy One?

So what are the pros and cons of himalayan salt lamps? Salt lamps are great for the home or office. They have a number of benefits, but they also come with their fair share of disadvantages. This article will list some of the pros and cons to help you decide whether salt lamps are right for you!

Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Are salt lamps safe for you or your pets? Why should or shouldnt you get an led salt lamp? These are the questions we will answer in this article as well as other reasons why you should and why you shouldn’t get a Himalayan salt lamp.

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Pros: Benefits of Salt Lamps

Energy Boost

Himalayan pink lamps have ions that allow more energy to flow through your body. This means you can better deal with stress, and it is good for you. Ions are molecules in the air. Negative ions from a Himalayan salt lamp can revive your body and mind when they are tired because positive ions drain them of their energy.

Reduces Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Salt lamps are great for people with allergies, salt lamps for anxietyasthma, and respiratory conditions. The salt in the lamp absorbs moisture from the air which helps to dilute indoor allergens such as dust mites or pet dander.


They come with a number of different colors so you can pick one that matches your décor.

Salt Lamps To Purify air

Himalayan salt lamps can attract polluted air from outside. Once the air touches the lamp, it is trapped there. It also releases water vapor into the room. The longer you have a lamp on, then more pollutants will be removed from your room. You should buy more Himalayan salt lamps to make every room cleaner and healthier for you and your family.

Salt Lamps For Sleep & Salt Lamps To Remove Negative Energy

Himalayan salt lamps emit light that is not only soothing, but also emits properties that allow one to experience more peaceful sleep. These lamps don’t ruin your sleep hormones and according to color therapy, they emit a warm pinkish to orange light that transmits a calming and happy feeling in the room. It also releases negative ions into the air which reduces anxiety and encourages a relaxing environment for when you sleep at night.

Lowers Electromagnetic Radiation

Living in the world surrounded by a lot of electronics like, smart phones, televisions, computers, tablets and appliances can make living more convenient and efficient. But some people think that this also presents a danger- electromagnetic radiation. Constant exposure to EMR leads to increased stress levels in the body. The body’s immune response decreases and chronic fatigue will happen too. If you use salt lamps though they cancel out the positive ions of EMR with their negative ions.

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Cons: Are Salt Lamps Safe?

They Can Break Easy

If salt lamps get too hot the surface will crack so it is recommended that you don’t use them in a room that is too close to an oven or heater.

White salt lamps are usually marketed as having the purest of vibrations. They are fragile. Without minerals, they become brittle and then shatter. There are white Himalayan salt lamps, but they are rare and expensive.

Salt lamp bulbs keep blowing? If the bulb is touching the side when you are putting it in, it can overheat and break. So make sure that the bulb is not touching the side when you put it in.

They’re Quite Heavy

A heavy salt lamp can be dangerous for small children as they could knock it over and break the bulb which may lead to injury or fires, so make sure you don’t place them where young kids can get their hands on them.

They Get Very Dusty

Salt lamps need regular cleaning as they get dusty and this can lead to allergies.


If the salt lamp is placed too close to a TV or computer screen it could cause issues with your screen giving off black lines or interference so make sure you place the lamps at least one meter away from electronics like TVs, computers, tablets etc.

Salt is Corrosive

Salt lamps have water inside them. When they get wet, the salt from the lamp will fall and make a hole in the surface where it is resting. And if that surface is metal, it will rust.

They Leak Water In Damp Areas

You might be wondering how salt lamps could leak water. This is because they are often in areas with humidity. When this happens, they can look like they are leaking water, but this is not the case. If there is water near a salt lamp, it could cause a problem with electricity and make a very bad situation worse. So to prevent this from happening, you need to place your salt lamp in an area that does not get wet and put it far from kitchens or bathrooms.

How Can You Tell if a Salt Lamp is Real

The first thing that you need to do is make sure it has a label. If there is no label, then the salt lamp could be fake or imported from China which have cheaper quality and are not as pure. Test a lamp by rubbing it with a wet cloth. If the cloth changes color, then the salt is still there and the lamp is will look like its weeping. This means the salt lamp is real.

Will Salt Lamps Damage Electronics?

Salt lamps do not cause damage to electronics. If they are placed too close, then there could be interference with the screen giving off black lines or interference but if they’re one meter away then it should be fine.

Cann salt lamps melt? Yes, your salt lamp leaks water from being placed in damp areas then this can leak onto electronics and possibly cause some damage.

Can Salt Lamps Hurt Cats?

Will salt lamps hurt cats or even can salt lamps kill cats? Salt lamps are calming to us, but they may be bad for pets. Salt is safe for a little lick, but it can cause problems if your pet eats it or keeps licking it. Make sure you keep your salt lamp away from your pet!

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