The Best Black Pendant Light: Your Buyer’s Guide

There is nothing like black pendant lighting. It might seem like black light fixtures are the same as any other color, but black has a unique way of illuminating your space and making a statement. Black lights bring out the true beauty in colors and textures that you would never see otherwise. If you’re looking for something different to add to your home decor, black pendant lamps are perfect!

The Top Black Pendant Light

For convenience check out our shortlist below. After that we’ll go into more detail about everything you need to know when choosing this modern classic exterior wall light.

ImageNameTypeCheck Price
Modern 2 PCS Ceiling Pendant Light Fitting Best UK ModernCheck UK Price
Modern Effimero Mini Black PendantBest ModernCheck USA Price
Led Industrial Hanging Light Indoor Mini PendantBlack Can Pendant LightCheck USA Price
iYoee Mini Pendant Light Fixture for Kitchen IslandSmall Black Pendant LightCheck USA Price
Check UK Price
Large Pendant Light Modern Lantern LightingBest Large Black Pendant LightCheck USA Price
Check UK Price
Industrial Pendant Light E26 E27 Base Vintage Hanging PendantBest Dome and Gold InteriorCheck USA Price
Check UK Price
Wicker Rattan Basket Style Ceiling Pendant Light ShadeBlack Rattan Pendant LightCheck UK price
Check USA price
Chandelier Pendant Lighting Black with Glass Globes Classic Vintage Black ChandelierCheck USA Price
Check UK Price

Where to Buy Black Pendant Light

There are few considerations when choosing a black pendant light including:

Size: The size of black pendant lights will vary based on the style and function. For example, a black ceiling light is often much larger than an exterior wall lamp or smaller black desk lamp. When choosing your black pendant fixture keep in mind where you want it to go and what kind of impact you are hoping for.

For black pendant lighting in the kitchen, black table lamps are perfect. You need both task and ambient light so a black overhead ceiling lamp is not an ideal choice.

Installation: Black pendant lights can be installed with either hardwired or plug-in connections to outlets. If your black fixture needs installation by electricians then hard wiring will likely be the best option. What is a plug in pendant light? A plug in pendant light means that your lights dont need to be hardwired and you wont need an electrician to get your lights up and running!

Finish/Color: There are black pendant lights in almost any color of the rainbow! Black is a neutral tone so it works with anything and everything – from gold to red, black will fit into your space beautifully without clashing with colors you might not want. The finish or coating on black fixtures can vary too depending on the black pendant light you’re deciding on.

Cord: Depending on the black pendant lamp design, there may be a cord that comes down and plugs into an outlet or is hardwired to your home’s electrical system. The length of cords for black lights varies so make sure to take measurements before choosing! Some black lamps come with longer cords while other black pendant lamps will have cords that reach just below the fixture.

Features: Depending on what you want your black light to do there are a ton of different features for black fixtures. For example, if you need it to be dimmable then specific black pendants lights come with this feature already installed. Decide what you would like black pendant lights to do for you and make sure the black fixture has those features!

Style: The black pendant light can be a modern classic or it can have more of an industrial vibe. You’ll want to decide which style you prefer before choosing your black pendants lights!

How to Pendant Light

To find out how to install pendant lighting check out how to hang a pendant light cord

Can you Swag a Pendant Light?

Yes – you can and its a brilliant idea! Swagging a pendant light allows to to drop your pendant somewhere without hardwiring having to be close. It is also a very aesthetic and fashionable way to display your pendant light within your space.

Where to buy black pendant light?

Modern Black Pendant Light

Best Modern

Modern Effimero Mini Black Pendant

Modern Black Pendant Light for kitchen island or any other part of the home. Sophisticated matte black pendant light. With adjustable rods, dimmable and easy install.

Check USA Price
Best UK Modern

Modern 2 PCS Ceiling Pendant Light Fitting

Perfect Modern Black Hanging Light Fixture - a stunning black pendant light for dining room or any space. Comes with 2, adjustable cable length and easy to install. Great Price as well!

Check UK Price

Black Can Pendant Light

Black Can Pendant Light

Led Industrial Hanging Light Indoor Mini Pendant

Stunning Recessed Black Pendant Light for bedroom, entryway or even bathroom. Great black small pendant light with amazing quality to price ratio and used by interior designers.

Check USA Price

Small Black Pendant Light

Small Black Pendant Light

iYoee Mini Pendant Light Fixture for Kitchen Island

Fantastic and simplistic small black pendant light for kitchen island. Length adjustable and easy installation.

Check USA Price
Check UK Price

Large Black Pendant Light

Best Large Black Pendant Light

Large Pendant Light Modern Lantern Lighting

Industrial yet minimalist black led pendant lights with LED Lamp. Wood Pattern Light Fixture. Perfect black pendant light for your diningroom, barn and kitchen island. Also comes in white.

Check USA Price
Check UK Price

Black Pendant Light With Gold Interior +  Black Dome Pendant Light

Best Dome and Gold Interior

Industrial Pendant Light E26 E27 Base Vintage Hanging Pendant

Beautiful Industrial black and gold dome pendant light with gold interior. Comes with 2. Sophisticated gold interior and with premium metal material and black finish.

Check USA Price
Check UK Price

Black Rattan Pendant Light

Black Rattan Pendant Light

Wicker Rattan Basket Style Ceiling Pendant Light Shade

Homely black rattan pendant light - a perfect black pendant light for bedroom or dining room.

Check UK price
Check USA price

Black Pendant Chandelier

Black Chandelier

Chandelier Pendant Lighting Black with Glass Globes Classic Vintage

Classic Vintage Black Pendant Chandelier - a great black pendant light for entryway or livingroom.

Check USA Price
Check UK Price

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