The Best Freejack Lighting in 2021: Buying Guide & Reviews

The liberating simplicity of freejack lighting solutions create endless opportunities for your lighting to be changed and adapted to suit a rooms use, even for just an evening. However, despite the simplicity of the freejack connection, there are of course considerations to make and choosing the right kit can be a little confusing. 

We’ve put together reviews of our favourite models plus an in-depth buying guide with everything you need to look for when purchasing a freejack lighting system.

Let’s get started.

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Quick Best Buy

If you are in a hurry for a quick solution, check out our best buy combination for a great start to using freejack lighting.

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What is Freejack Lighting?

Freejack lighting is an ingenious versatile lighting solution that allows you to simply customize your lighting choices even after installation. The freejack connection between lighting canopy and your choice of pendant or light head can be quickly released for unlimited adaptions and updates. 

The low voltage freejack pendant and freejack head connect to a range of single port, monopoint and multi-port ceiling canopies, simply by twisting the connection on and off. The freejack lighting system will also allow for monorail connection, creating continuity between the monorails adaptable track solution and the single monopoint locations all in the same room. 

Whether a traditional, classic, functional or contemporary interior style, freejack can be included with a variety of finish choices and lighting fixtures to choose from.

Benefits of Using Freejack Lighting

The adoption of freejack lighting by Architects & Designers as an updated choice within their lighting designs has been for good reason. This is why freejack lighting is so useful:

Where Best to Use Freejack Lighting

Style: Firstly the style of a simple freejack system that supports lamps and lighting heads is a pro lighting solution that looks sophisticated. They even allow for the lighting choices to suit an event or occasion and elevate the design of any room, so use freejack lights as a design tool.

Practicality: Focal points such as over kitchen islands and dining rooms tables, need both practical task lighting as well as a gentler accent level of light that cannot always be delivered from a pendant. Freejack multi-port canopies cater for both by combining the freejack pendants and light heads from the same location with the added advantage of potentially removing or swapping any of them at any time.

The potential to switch out lighting even if you do not intend to do so often, gives peace of mind that a room’s lighting can be adapted without the expense of a professional installer. 

Types of Freejack Lighting

Freejack Monopoint Lighting

The choice of pendant or head connects with a freejack connector to a single point on a square or round surface mount canopy on the ceiling. The canopy position remains static but the choices of light fixture are unlimited. 

Freejack Multi-port Canopy Systems

The flexibility of changing lighting style and the type of delivered illumination can all come from using the multi-port freejack canopy. Canopies are square, round and rectangular with a variety of freejack ports to connect the pendant of head to.

Freejack Monorail Systems

The freejack connector design can also be used with some monorail systems by using the appropriate adaptor. Pendants and heads can move between the adaptable monorail and any other compatible port.

There is a variety of choices for the freejack canopies complemented by a wide selection of compatible lighting, to install your system into virtually any space.

Note that the Freejack system uses 12V low voltage power which needs to be delivered from a remotely located transformer to location.

How Do You Know What Freejack Lighting Components You are Going to Need?

We have taken the stress out of choosing your own freejack lighting system’s component parts with our easy to follow step by step guide: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Freejack Lighting in 2021

Even if you are just providing the parts for an installer you obviously need to know what it will look like once up, so it’s always beneficial to understand the choices that are on offer.

Always have a qualified electrician to install your lighting, connect the power and certify the system to your local code’s standards.

LED Freejack Lighting

Freejack lighting can run with LED sources of light. The power is running at a low voltage which can accommodate both dedicated LED sources within light heads or GU5.3 LED lamps in pendants or heads.

Top Freejack Lighting Combinations

We have chosen some useful combinations of freejack lighting solution to get you started, check out our best rated models.

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