How To Choose Pendant Lights: Tips & Tricks for Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are a fantastic way to add light and style to your home. In this blog post, we will discuss how to choose pendant lighting for different rooms in the house, as well as answering any questions you may have about them. For example, do they dim? Are they easy to install? Do they come with a warranty? We answer all of these questions and more in order for you to make an informed decision when it comes time that you need new pendant lamps or just want some advice on what type of pendants would look good in your kitchen! So, let us show you how to choose pendant lights!

There are many different types of pendant lamps. There are the basic ceiling pendants, which plug into a wall outlet and hang from your ceiling with an exposed cord that hangs down to reach your power source – this type is not adjustable or dimmable, but they do come in every color imaginable! Then there are semi-flushmount pendants where you can mount them on your wall instead of hanging them from the ceiling – these also plug into a standard outlet and have cords for adjusting how long/short you need it to be as well as being able to adjust how much light comes out by using switches located near the bulb itself. This type has both exposed wire coming off one side along with chains if needed because it’s meant to sit on the wall.

How to Choose Pendant Lights – For Each Room In Your Home

How To Choose Pendant Lights For Dinning Table

Dining room pendant lights are meant to go above your dinner table, and it’s up to you how many lamps or lights you want! This is a perfect place for one large pendant light that hangs down over the center of the table – if you’re looking for something more unique try hanging mini pendants in different spots around the table instead. There should be enough lighting coming through so everyone can see their plates clearly while they eat.

How To Choose Pendant Lights For Bedroom

Pendants for bedrooms come in several types as well. The most common type would be semi-flushmount which allows them to sit flush on top of any wall outlet without jutting out too far into an already small space like some full sized pendants do. These are low profile which means they look great with lower ceilings, but still provide ample lighting for any room in the house!

How To Choose Pendant Lights For Kitchen

Kitchen pendant lights come in many different varieties as well including basic ceiling pendants that hang down over your sink or stove to give you light above while cooking at night – these usually plug into a wall outlet and don’t have cords so make sure not to overload it if there’s more than one plugged into one another. You can also find semi-flushmount pendants made specifically for hanging over kitchen islands – this type of fixture plugs directly into an outlet on the island itself instead of having exposed wires coming out from underneath requiring extra wiring/installation work. There are even pendants that you can mount directly onto your wall or ceiling instead of hanging them – these come in many different shapes and sizes, but all serve the same purpose!

Are Pendant Lights Going Out Of Style?

No! Pendants are not going out of style anytime soon – they provide a unique lighting source that cannot be replaced by anything else on the market. Because pendant lights are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, they will continue to remain popular for years to come.

Pendant lights are popular again. Pendant lights went down in popularity when light bulbs were not very nice. But now, light bulbs are LED and they are nicer. That means that pendant lights have become popular again because they are much better now.

Partly because of the latest trend, where styles like industrial luxe lamps and mid century pendant lights have become synonyms for stylish interior design. Some of the more robust pendant lights are even suitable for families. In days gone by, we paid no attention to lighting, simply accepting whatever was there! Save for maybe putting a shade over a light bulb, it was rare that we chose to invest in something pretty. But today, every room needs a stylish light fitting and it seems none are more in vogue than the perfectly balanced single pendulum shapes.

Pendant lamps come in thousands of different styles and sizes – there are some that look like candles or glass balls, while others have zig-zags on them with multiple small pieces of colored glass! They can be made out of almost anything these days thanks to technology, so you’ll never run out of ideas for pendants even though they’ve been around forever. And if you’re wondering whether or not pendant lights dim, yes most definitely they do! The more expensive ones will give you better lighting options than your average $20 chrome lamp from WalMart would. There are also many colors available depending on what type of light bulb is used (for example LED bulbs tend to only provide blue/white hues, while LED ones can change colors and come in every shade imaginable).

How to Install Pendant Lighting

To install pendant lights, you will need to plan out where you want them located. One thing is for sure – the type of ceiling it’s hanging over should be taken into consideration (for example if your ceiling is slanted or angled then that may affect how much light gets spread throughout the room versus a flat surface), as well as what kind of look/feel you’re going for overall with everything else inside said space. It’s recommended that when installing these types of lamps, they are hung around 30″ above the floor line because anything higher than this could cause eye strain due to glare on an otherwise reflective surface like glassware in your kitchen or mirrors elsewhere in your home.

Are Pendant Lights Adjustable?

Are pendant lights adjustable? That depends on the type of lamp you purchase, but most are to some degree if they have an exposed electrical cord and/or hanging chains attached to them (meaning there is a way for it get shorter or longer than its original size). Pendants that do not come with these options may be more difficult to adjust because parts such as screws used for installation need tools in order to change their height – this would mean either purchasing new ones altogether just so you can lower them by unscrewing the bottom part and moving it down further along whatever surface it’s currently mounted too, or finding someone who has the equipment necessary to do so without having all that extra hassle! There wouldn’t be any other way to do it without damaging the pendant in question.

Are Pendant Lights Dimmable?

Are they dimmable? Only if there is a remote control available for said lamp, or some other type of switch that can be adjusted whether it’s near the electrical cord (which would give you more options on how much light comes out) – otherwise no because most lamps are made with one specific wattage in mind and cannot change by themselves when plugged into an outlet. There are ways to get around this though, such as purchasing lower-wattage bulbs which will decrease lumens but not alter color temperature/hue! So don’t worry about having too high of quality just because your favorite retailer only carries ones rated at 40W max – look at LED lights instead since they can go down to as little as about 13W!

Are Pendant Lights Easy To Install?

Are they easy to install? If you’re okay with using your hands and doing everything by yourself without any assistance, then absolutely yes because this is the most common type of pendant light found anywhere. However if you do need help installing it or would rather save time overall in case something goes wrong (which wouldn’t be too bad since these lights are relatively cheap), there is another option available for purchase which includes installation included so all you have left to worry about is plugging it in when it arrives. These ones also come pre-assembled unlike regular hanging lamps that require assembly before use, making them not only easier but more convenient than ever before! You just attach the bulbs after everything else is already set up, and you’re ready to go.

Are Pendant Lights Bright Enough?

Are they bright enough? It depends on the space of course – darker rooms need more light whereas well-lit ones won’t have much use for brighter lamps because everything will be visible no matter what type of lighting it has! In this case, a dimmable pendant would be great since it can provide both when needed so you don’t have to worry about not being able to see anything at night if there’s a blackout in your area or any other reason why lights aren’t working. Just remember that lower lumens mean less brightness overall even though colors may look just as good/sharp without needing too many watts in order to accomplish an effect. Remember: these are only suggested amounts, but the more watts you use the brighter your lamp will be!

Best Pendant Lights for Your Home – Pendant Light Lighting Ideas

Single Hanging Lamps

A pendant light is a hanging light that hangs from a point on the ceiling. There are a few different names for these lights, but they can be called pendent lights or hanging lamps. They have one bulb inside them and sometimes more than one.

Pendant Cluster Lights

People can buy a bunch of pendant lights and then hang them from the ceiling. If they want to, they can cluster the lights up close together or they can spread them out. Sometimes people will put a lot of light bulbs in one spot.

Pendant Light Bars

By bar lights, this means a row of pendants all connected to a bar or ceiling plate. This is not for pubs! It saves time because you only need one set of electrical cables. You can line them up neatly or stagger the drops if it suits the space better.

Swag Lights

These lights can be hung high enough so that the lampshade is over the table. First, they were used when there was not an electrical point in the right place for your furniture position. As an example, you see a ceiling rose is not above your table and you need to hang up your cord to use it.

Globe Pendant Lighting

Globes are round objects that contain light bulbs. The clear glass is empty and the white glass has a light bulb inside.

Open Globe Lighting

As above, but globes have a cut-away section at the bottom. That means you can replace the light bulbs without having to take out the shade.

Mini Pendant Lights

Mini pendants are usually small and have a diameter of 20cm or less. They can look great in small spaces, or you can use them all together to make larger spaces twinkly.

Factory Pendant Lights

Industrial style lamps are sometimes made of metal. The inside is a whitish color. Industrial style lamps were mainly used in factories to light up the areas where people worked.

Long Drop Pendant Lighting

There are different types of lights for taller rooms. Some have a long drop, which can be as long as 5 meters. There are two different looks for these lights: traditional or modern. The Lighting Company has a large selection of these different types of lights and we have split them up into modern and traditional to help you pick the right one for your room. Bespoke or modular lights may also be worth considering if you have a really tall room or want to use the light in hospitality areas like restaurants, hotels, etc.

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