12 Great Wall Lights for a Bedroom in 2021

Wall lights in a bedroom create a wonderful opportunity to add some color and style whilst benefiting from a source of light that can be really useful. We’ve put together our favourites with a brief buying guide to help you choose the right solution for you.


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Why Wall Lights in a Bedroom Work

Bedroom lighting needs to be flexible enough to change from a relaxed mood in the evening ready for sleep to a bright room for dressing in the morning and everything in between. The wall sconce plays a valuable part on it’s own in the bedroom as a beautiful accent light, creating a pocket of illumination on the wall that contributes to a restful atmosphere at night. When working with the ceiling, table and floor lighting, it boosts the brightness overall particularly in the middle to top part of the walls, adding an important layer of light that no other light source can really provide.

Useful Types of Bedroom Wall Lighting 

The varieties of wall light available:

Bedroom Wall Sconce Styles

When choosing the style of wall light they fall into 3 categories. 

Strong Theme

Follow the bedrooms overall style, whether contemporary, classic or traditional select the wall light that enhances the genre. Keep the contemporary choices simple and unfussy, more decorative for an established familiarity and a mixture of the two for the classic aesthetic, often a simple shape finished in an antiqued brass.

Mix and Match

Eclectic collections of lighting, furniture and artwork work really well without necessarily matching. Let the wall sconce choice support the dominant feature in the room by echoing something of it in either the wall lights shape or finish. 


The actual light created is more important than the style of the fixture, so keep the design clean and simple. The shapes of wall light will likely be on the contemporary  side of styling with neutral tones of white and metal. Less is often more in design.

Where to Use Bedroom Wall Sconces

Ask yourself why use a wall light in your bedroom, is it the functionality of the light it creates the most important reason or a decorative element? Generally a bedroom wall light is mounted approximately at 5.5 feet high and used in a pair around a mirror, over a chest of drawers or either side of the bed. They can be used singularly to fill a smaller space that would otherwise remain dark.

Bedside reading needs a task lighting that’s over your shoulder and focused onto your lap. 

Tips on Choosing the Best Bedroom Wall Lights

Consider how much light is needed first and ensure the amount of light escaping the wall light is sufficient. Use glass and light colored shades for accent lighting, solid metal fixtures that cover the lamp for a defined pool of light. A high output uplight as the main source of lighting.

Choose the size of sconce to suit its surroundings. If on a wide wall with lots of space you should opt for a grander scale fixture to ensure it is not lost. Look at the shape of wall space they need to go onto and consider if they will look strong enough on their own? Always go a bit bigger than you think.

The finish and color choice come in next with a wealth of choice at your disposal. If hardwiring is difficult opt for a corded wall light or even a battery powered LED table light is now a consideration.

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The Top 12 Wall Lights for a Bedroom

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