The Best Monorail Lighting Kits in 2021

Looking for the best monorail lighting kit for your home or building? We’ve put together our favourites as a buying guide to simplify the process to help you choose the right solution for you.

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Monorail 5 Light Kit in Brushed Nickel


This short drop monorail track light is the entry level kit from the quality George Kovacs brand. Scroll down for the complete review.

What is a Monorail Lighting Kit?

Monorail lighting is a modern highly versatile linear suspension system that can be run in straight lines or even hand shaped into curves to create a decorative feature. A variety of lighting heads and pendants can be quickly attached, removed or moved along the monorails to create not only a wonderful lighting feature but create opportunities to light even most tricky of spaces by suspending the lighting from the ceiling.

Monorail lighting kits provide pre-selected popular combinations of monorail accessories to get you started. It can be the most cost effective and simplest place to begin with the option of being expanded at a later date.

Why We Like Monorail Light Kits

Component built monorail lighting systems cover a comprehensive selection of hardware and accessories to install lighting into virtually any interior space. However, these bespoke solutions do require a greater degree of understanding that can be avoided by using a pre-chosen kit.

As lighting designers we primarily use monorail lighting to position lighting over areas within a room that would otherwise be impossible if it were not for this simple linear suspension system. Solid ceilings that cannot take recessed lighting, slanting ceilings that are difficult to install lighting into, architectural or structural features that are awkwardly positioned – all are solved with the use of monorail lights.

It’s also the versatility of interchanging the lights themselves that make this quickly adaptable lighting solution ideal for retail and spaces that have multiple uses.

Types of Monorail Lighting Kits

Monorail Lighting Suspension Kit

A basic introductory kit that can create a variety of rail lengths by cutting the rail by hand before installation. This length will be supported with various choices of ceiling standoff and most kits allow for adjustment of height of the rail in the field. The choice of lighting to connect to the system is left to you to source additionally.

Monorail Lighting Kit with Light Fixtures

To get you going as a complete introductory kit, some kits include lighting heads as well. These lighting sources are useful for ambient and accent lighting, to spread light generally across walls or surfaces. You can possibly add to this kit with more lighting fixtures.

Can Additional Lighting be Added to Monorail Lighting Kits?

If you want to add lighting to a monorail light kit after installation, be sure to check that the monorails can take the extra weight, pendants can sometimes be a heavy choice. Monorails will hold plenty of weight as long as the rail is supported frequently. Also ensure there is capacity in the transformer to successfully power more load, this will depend on the type of light sources you are using.

If you want to add more components or lighting to your monorail kit check out: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Monorail Lighting

LED Monorail Lights

Monorail Lighting Kits without light heads allow you to choose either dedicated LED heads that have an LED source built within it or heads and pendants that will take a LED bulb – so make sure you check to see if LED is an optional source type or provided.

Be aware that some manufacturer’s do not recommend LED lamps on their systems because of dimming issues that can arise. The 12V transformer that powers the monorail will require the heavier load of halogen sources to make a smooth dim when adjusted from your dimmer switch. Using these 12V systems LED lamps can just be too light a loading, causing some flickering when full power is reduced during the dim.

Top Monorail Lighting Kits

This is our best selection of monorail lighting kits that come with a variety of accessories.

1. 5 Light Monorail Kit in Brushed Nickel


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2. Monorail Mini Transformer Kit

Pendants shown are not included in the kit but available separately

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3. Milano 12ft Satin Nickel Monorail Kit


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4. TLA 800RAL28NXZ Bronze Monorail Kit


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5. 700MOKTS150S Satin Nickel Monorail Kit


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