The Best Monorail Lighting Pendants in 2021

Looking for the best monorail lighting pendants to add to your monorail system? We’ve put together our favourites with buying guides to help you choose the right solution for you.

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Best Monorail Lighting Pendants

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What are Monorail Lighting Pendants?

Monorail lighting pendants are suspended decorative lights for monorail lighting systems. They offer the ideal opportunity to add some creativity, style and color to any space that is using monorail lighting as it’s source of illumination.

Monorail pendants differ from ordinary pendant lighting as they cannot be installed in a normal ceiling but instead play an important role in the versatility and efficacy of a monorail light system.

Why Use Monorail Lighting Pendants?

A great benefit to using monorail pendants is the opportunity to quickly add, remove and reposition a pendant anywhere along the suspended rail – perfect for over dining room tables where sometimes a drop pendant is desired and other times replaced with monorail light heads for a more direct task orientated illumination.

The potential for customization opens up opportunities to upgrade any space by adding accent lighting and feature lighting over areas that would otherwise not have them. They can be the instant decorative ingredient that allows you to try different styles and positions without the commitment of actual installation.

Where Best to Use Monorail Lighting Pendants

Monorail lighting pendants also create opportunities to add decorative lighting to rooms that would otherwise struggle to install lighting into the ceiling as they suspend from rails rather than need to be hard wired into the ceiling.

Solid ceilings are difficult to install onto without the power being surface mounted and looking unsightly. The suspended monorail pendant allows spaces that would otherwise be limited in their scope to include an accent lighting layer of decorative light.

Pendants bring an important focal point to a room and even more so with the monorail pendant as plays its part in the wider monorail system. Perfect for kitchens, dining rooms and family rooms that can accommodate a single or group of pendants.

Commercial spaces that use monorail systems can now also benefit from the beauty of pendants too, over reception desks or transforming the board room table.

Choosing Monorail Pendants

Choosing pendant lighting usually begins with getting the style, size and finish right first for the room before worrying about the light it gives out, so be aware that some pendants will not necessarily give much of an output.

Shaped and spun metal pendants are particularly trendy and will obviously not diffuse lighting through the sides but send all the light down with some spilling upwards too.

Choosing the physical size of a monorail lighting pendant should usually make a statement in the room, so if the pendant itself is not big and the correct scale for the room on its own, group multiples in a row.

Each pendant has a connector at the end of its power flex that easily clips onto the suspended monorails of the system it’s designed for.

Choosing monorail lighting system components does need care and attention so be aware that the pendants may need to be selected for the system they were designed for. If you prefer one from a different system just check that the voltage and connection mechanisms are compatible.

Best-Selling Monorail Lighting Pendants

With so many monorail lighting pendant choices found online it can be difficult to put all your trust in just an image found online, so we only recommend monorail pendants from quality brands and manufacturer’s.

1. Mezz Smoked Glass Pendant

Product Features

Best Monorail Lighting Pendants
Pendants bought individually – monorail not included



2. Captra 14″ Aged Brass Pendant

Pendants bought individually – monorail not included

Product Features




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