Learn Lighting Quick and Easy!

Use our resource to transform your own space with better lighting. Learn how to use lighting in interiors, how to choose which lights will work best for your project, be inspired with lighting ideas and use our lighting design knowledge base to deepen your understanding. You can transform your home with better lighting.

LED Light Colors for Different Moods

Different LED light colors have a big impact on how we feel and on the spaces around us. Explaining the best LED light colors to use to create different moods.

LED Light Colors : What They Mean and How to Use Them

LED light colors can be confusing so this guide will help you understand color choices and what they mean. Choose the right LED whites and colors for your space

3000K vs 4000K: What’s the Difference?

A comparison between 3000K vs 4000K, which color of white light is best for you? Full explanation and pro tips with a room by room guide.

Soft White vs Daylight : What’s the Difference?

Helping you compare between soft white vs daylight colors of white light, defining the difference between soft white vs daylight bulbs in useful applications.

Dimmable LED Flash : 20 Solution Tips

20 Tips to Solve Dimmable LED Flash. Why do dimmable lights flicker with our extensive but quick tips to investigate why your dimmable LED flash.

Do Dimmer Switches Get Hot?

Dimmer switches do get hot to touch but too hot and can be dangerous. Use our checklist of potential reasons why dimmers run hot with DIY fixes or calls for help

Dim to Warm LED: A Quick & Easy Buying Guide

Explaining Dim to Warm LED with a quick & easy buying guide for dim to warm lighting products for residential and commercial spaces.

Best Floor Lamps for Bright Light: A Buyers Guide

Buying guide for the best floor lamps for bright light, chosen and explained focusing on where to use them for the brightest floor light solutions.

Best Lighting for Vaulted Ceilings in 2022: Buyers Guide

Guide tips and choices for the best lighting for vaulted ceilings to suit architectural constraints, deliver light where it’s needed to create beautiful spaces

10 Most Common Problems with LED Lighting & How to Fix Them

The common problems with LED lighting are simply discussed by a lighting professional and wherever possible easy solutions suggested. LED problems resolved!

Are Salt Lamps Bad for Cats?

We investigate are salt lamps bad for cats, examining the real potential risks, weighing up the pros and cons of how do salt lamps affect cats.

Why is My Salt Lamp Leaking

Why is my himalayan salt lamp leaking? We look at the causes of why is my salt lamp leaking, the dangers and how to stop them with tips on clean up & storage.

What Do Salt Lamps Do? The Surprising Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are known to benefit your home with a pleasing light that can potentially offer hidden health benefits. We look at the benefits of salt lamps.

What is Casambi?

Discover Casambi as a Bluetooth mesh technology for your lighting choices to become smart, offering easy smartphone & tablet control with no need for switches.

How Bright is 3000 Lumens? Your Lumens Brightness Guide

How bright is 3000 lumens? Learn where best to use this level in the home & outdoors, how much area it covers with example products & watts vs lumens guide.

How Bright is 600 Lumens? Your Lumens Brightness Guide

Explaining how bright is 600 lumens? See our watts vs lumens guide & know where best to use 600 lumen in the home other lights with this output.

How Bright is 500 Lumens? Your Lumens Brightness Guide

How bright is 500 lumens? Just what is that level of light good for? We give you real life applications […]

How Bright is 400 Lumens? Your Lumens Brightness Guide

How bright is 400 lumens? Understand brightness with our watts vs lumens guide & useful comparisons indoors, outdoors, for flashlights & other lighting products

How to Dim LED Strip Lights

Easily learning how to dim LED strip lights with 2 commonly used methods for smooth flicker free LED Strip dimming. Step by step guide on how to dim LED Strips

How to Dim Lights Without a Dimmer?

Knowing how to dim lights without a dimmer & how to dim LED lights without a dimmer, opens any lighting circuit up to be set to glare free comfortable lighting

How to Dim LED Lights: 7 Steps to Perfect Dimming

The essentials of how to to dim lights from our guide sets you up for how to dim LED lights successfully without flicker and disappointment. LED Dimming 101.

Bathroom Recessed Lighting Placement Tips & Layout Ideas

Tips & Ideas for bathroom recessed lighting placement for best bathroom downlight positions, sizes with downlight spacing calculator and design layout examples

How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

Knowing how to choose bathroom lighting will ensure your space has a perfect light for all occasions from the best fixtures that meet regulations & expectations

Task Lighting: How to Create Better Functionality and Design

Learn how task lighting creates specific well lit areas of activity in the home, how to create it, where to place it, how to choose it with examples and tips.

Accent Lighting: How to Create a More Beautiful Space

Learn how accent lighting creates small areas of lit interest that when combined & balanced with other lighting layers will create a relaxing & inviting space.

Ambient Light – How to Create It in Your Home

Ambient lighting plays an important role in the successful general ambient light levels in a room. Learn how what it is and how to create it for yourself.

Wet Rated Lighting: When to Use Wet or Damp Rated Lighting?

Learn what are damp rated or wet rated lights and what lighting to use in humid or wet environments. Choose wet rated or damp rated lights with confidence.

How Bright is 5000 Lumens – Your Lumen Brightness Guide

How bright is 5000 lumens? Understand brightness with our watts vs lumens guide & useful comparisons indoors, outdoors, for flashlights & other light products.

How Bright is 2000 Lumens? Your Lumens Brightness Guide

How bright is 2000 lumens? Understand brightness with our watts vs lumens guide & useful comparisons indoors, outdoors, for flashlights & other light products.

How to Make Your Solar Lights Brighter: 7 Easy Tips

Why are my solar lights dim & solar lights not bright enough? Learn how to boost solar lights & how to make landscape lights brighter with our Quick & Easy Tips

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