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Use our resource to transform your own space with better lighting. Learn how to use lighting in interiors, how to choose which lights will work best for your project, be inspired with lighting ideas and use our lighting design knowledge base to deepen your understanding. You can transform your home with better lighting.

What Are The Drawbacks to Solar Tube Lighting?

Explaining in detail what are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting? As well as other tips and tricks before you intall and use your solar tubes.

What Does A Blue Porch Light Mean?

Answering the question: What Does A Blue Porch Light Mean and why would your neighbor use a blue porch light? What is the effect of light color?

What Does a Green Porch Light Mean?

What Does a Green Porch Light Mean? Explaining all the possible reasons why your neighbor is using a green LED porch light.

What Does a Red Porch Light Mean? Here is it’s Meaning

Answering the question: What Does a Red Porch Light Mean? What are red porch lights used for and what’s the significance of a colored porch light.

Under Cabinet Light Bulb Replacement: Change Under Cabinet Light Bulbs

Explaining step by step under cabinet light bulb replacement – how to replace halogen, puck, LED light bulbs simply and effectively.

How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires: Cord Management Guide

Explain to you how to hide under cabinet lighting wires – giving you the top tips and methods on how to improve your under cabinet, toe kick lighting.

How to Tell if Recessed Lighting is IC Rated

What is IC rated lighting and how does it differ from non ic rated lights? We show you how to tell if recessed lighting is ic rated and why. Quick guide.

What Is a 3 Way Bulb? How Does 3 Way Bulb Work?

Explaining what is a 3 way bulb and how does it work as well as answering some common questions about 3 way lamps and why you should buy one.

How to Diffuse LED Light

Learning how to diffuse LED light is an important skill for comfortable lighting. Knowing how to diffuse light from LED will transform your interior – easy tips

How Bright is 100 Lumens? Your Lumens Brightness Guide.

How Bright is 100 lumens? As well as other lumen brightness related questions as well as lumen vs watts and a flashlight/home lumen choosing guide.

How to Light a Candle Without Matches or a Lighter.

Simply explaining how to light a candle without matches or a lighter. Listing multiple methods including a stove, batteries, flint or Magnifying Glass.

Best Jeep Light Bar & Best Jeep Light Bar Kits

An article suggesting the best light bar for a jeep. Specifically the jeep wrangler and gladiator. As well as giving the best jeep light bar kits.

How Many Lights on One Switch? Installation Guide

Answering the question: how many lights on one switch as well as on one dimmer? How many fluorecent and recessed lights and installing them.

Can Light Alternatives – Ideas For Recessed Light Alternatives

Lots of useful can light alternatives and recessed light alternatives, to bring out the best in your room without the need to recess lighting into your ceiling.

Replacing Track Lighting: How to Replace Track Lighting Heads & Bulbs

Step by Step on Replacing Track Lighting. How to replace track lighting bulbs and led track lighting heads. Guide on the best track lighting bulbs.

How Far Should Recessed Lights Be From Cabinets

See how far apart and how close recessed lighting needs to be from cabinets to ensure an even wash of light that isn’t too bright or creating unsightly shadows

Basement Stairway Lighting Ideas: How to Light a Basement Stairwell

Want to find out how to light a basement stairwell? Here are some Basement Stairway Lighting Ideas that will inspire you to choose the right fixtures.

Unfinished Basement Lighting Ideas

There are many unfinished basement lighting ideas that you can use to create a comfortable, pleasant space in your unfinished […]

Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps: Should You Buy One?

A helpful list of the pros and cons of himalayan salt lamps. will salt lamps damage electronics and can salt lamps hurt cats?

Best Solar Pool Lights in 2022

Our best solar pool lights selection from our top rated solar lights together with important considerations you need to know before buying and installing.

How Long Do Salt Lamps Last? Do Salt Lamps Last Forever?

How long do salt lamp bulbs last and how long salt lamps last? What kind of salt lamp bulbs to use and other tips on extending your lamps lifetime!

Are Solar Lights Safe for Over a Pool?

Solar lighting is naturally designed for outdoor use but how waterproof can they be and are they safe to use in and around your pool? Let’s take a look.

The Best Black Pendant Light: Your Buyer’s Guide

The Best Black Pendant Lights and why you should buy them. Explaining the different types of black pendant light.

How to Hang a Pendant Light Cord

How to hang pendant light cord and how to change, straighten, shorten and cover a pendant light cord/cable.

Can Solar Lights Use Regular Batteries?

As an alternative solar lighting can be used under regular battery power temporarily, but before you do there are important considerations and consequences.

How To Plug In Track Lighting: Installation Guide.

Guide on How To Plug In Track Lighting and how to install plug in track lighting. What do you need to know to quickly plug in your track lighting.

How to Use Wall Wash Lighting: Install and Place Wall Wash Lights

Wall wash lighting is an excellent way to improve the ambiance of any room or outdoor living space, and it […]

Why Do My Solar Lights Come On During The Day?

Quickly answer why do my solar lights come on during the day with our helpful tips to fixes the common potential problems.

How Far Apart Should Step Lights Be Placed? Your Installation Guide.

Describing how far apart step lights should be talking about placement of step lighting indoors and outdoors.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting: 33 Tips & Ideas

Quickly learn for our Pro lighting tips on how to choose outdoor lighting to make your home & garden look great at night & feel safer.

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